Why Cant I Have It Already?

Why Cant I Have It Already?

Why Cant I Have It Already?


In Order To Go Forward We Need To Look Back

At the moment my strength is nothing like it was this time last year. In fact this time last year I was pretty ripped.  The picture below was taken April 28th 2017. 

I wasn’t as fit as I wanted to be at that time. In fact I can remember telling myself that I still needed to drop body fat and I was upset that when I got to my photo shoot in May I was not ready. Ha ha this is funny. Cause I look at this picture now and I’m like, damn, I wish I looked like that now!

Let’s go back one more year. April 21, 2016. I was working at Youfit in Littleton. Loved that job in the beginning. Great people, the members were awesome and it got me out of a funk. But, on this day in April I got into a 4 car pile up on I-25. I was unable to do upper body for about 10 weeks or so. I remember going to Water World with a friend of mine around June of 2016. I was so out of shape. But then by September of 2016 I was looking pretty decent. Take a look at the pic below.

Now looking at this picture I remember exactly how I felt. I was pretty strict but not 100%. I followed a 5 day cycle nutrition plan that other trainers talked shit about and stopped once all of my clients were getting killer results. So many things happened here in this transformation. I was just getting over a breakup. My mother passed away. I got into a 4 car pile up and I was a hot mess.

What Did I Do To Get These Results?

Looking back and remembering these transformations has been difficult. It’s hard looking at what your body used to look like compared to where you are now. But, both of these transformations I had massive motivation and was ready. I was getting results so I kept going. Every week I would see improvements and would push harder. I had a partner that was just as motivated as I was and to me, that’s pretty damn important. This is hard to do by yourself. Not saying that it can’t be done alone but it’s a lot easier if you have someone keeping you accountable.

If you are going to get in shape you need to be focused and you need to have the motivation (WHY) in place. For everyone that is different. I have no clue what you need unless you tell me. Here are a few things that I have noticed over the years that have helped me and others.

  1. Your spouse. If you are married or dating, this could be your motivation. For some it’s not. For some it actually does just the opposite. Mostly because the other half is just not into fitness.
  2. You are single. So many people get really motivated after a breakup. So, getting in shape to look hot is a big motivator. Many will argue that it wasn’t the breakup that did it. 9 times out of 10, it’s the case!
  3. Your Doctor. Your doctor tells you that you need to do something soon or your going to be in for a major health surprise. This doctor visit usually does the trick. Sad but many of us wait until that very last minute to get things done.
  4. Keeping up with the Jones. Jealousy is a nasty thing. I have seen many clients come in and get training because Sue from next door has a banging body and you want to out do her. This will motivate you for a while but it fades and then depression kicks in.
  5. You can see your feet. For some of us, when we stand up and look down at our feet and can’t see them because our belly has gotten to big, we get motivated to do something about it. When you set a goal based on what YOU want and need and not based on what someone else wants, your chances of success are so much greater.

These are just a few motivators I have come across over the years. Not all of them. It would take me to long to write them all out. I mention them for you to have a wake up call. Figure out what motivates you and then decide if it’s really what motivates you. Be honest with yourself.

What Am I Going To Do?

I have been trying to figure out what I’m going to do and I’m struggling. As for my own workouts I will be listing what I am going to do nutrition wise. I’ll be going back to what works for me. As for motivation, I’m still trying to get that under control.

What about boot camps? 

I’m planning on starting boot camps on Monday and Wednesday nights at 6 pm in Littleton. They will be outdoors and weather permitting. This is not  set in stone yet. I’m waiting on a couple things. I will be posting it on Facebook as soon as I know.


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