Thornton Colorado Here I Come!

Thornton Colorado Here I Come!

Thornton Colorado Here I Come!


Why Am I Training In Thornton? Here’s The News!

After being out of the fitness industry again for nearly 10 months, I realize that it’s my passion and impossible to stay away from. When I say I was out of the industry for 10 months, this means I have not worked for a fitness entity for 10 months. I have been doing my own personal training with clients and staying up to date on trends, just not employed by anyone in fitness.

Over the last couple months I decided to start looking for a home in the fitness community. I submitted my resumes in to multiple facilities, reach out to many via social media and have met with numerous general managers and owners. I have been surprised on the lack of professionalism that some have shown and shocked at how to much experience can hurt you.

Some of these places are looking to hire young good looking people that don’t have experience so they can work them like crazy and pay them far less than someone with a ton of experience. This only bothers me because of what I have seen over the years in health clubs. I understand keeping the overhead low but what is the average length of employment with these employees? The turnover is pretty high. When you hire someone because they need a job compared to hiring someone because it’s a passion they have, you have two totally different outcomes. It amazes me that some places have just not picked up on this yet.

Why Did I Pick YouFit Again?

Some of you are reading this and are thinking “why the hell is he going back to YouFit?” I know, I know… Here let me tell you. After going into many of these clubs to find the right fit I picked up on a lot. Right now a lot of people going to some of these clubs, yes are going to get in shape and make things happen. But for some it’s a total meat market. I’m surprised at the small amount of clothes that some wear in the gym and how much they show off. Oh I know what a lot of you are thinking, “If I had a sexy in shape body I would show it off also”. Yeah I get that. But how you do it shows a lot of character.

Then you have the groups of people who are just rude because they are tired of so many people coming in and they think they have the right to the equipment. Or the people who just glare at you and make fun of you. I say all of this because over the last 22 years I’ve seen it and been around it.

Some gyms have the environment of “If you don’t look good already then you don’t belong”, or if your clothes and makeup are not on point you get laughed at. This is NOT what fitness is supposed to be like. It’s no wonder why so many people give up and quit who really need to lose weight and get in shape. Way to many rude people in the gyms who think they are better than everyone else.

Now don’t get me wrong, a lot of gyms have good people and very thoughtful and caring people that go. No matter where you go all gyms will have some of these types. Just some gyms have it less than others. This brings me to why YouFit.

When I worked for YouFit before I had issues with some upper management and so did many others. Many of us quit and are now back again because they have left. Besides this, YouFit has the environment of people who are not looking for the all eyes on me attention. I have noticed that a good number of the members have never been a member of a gym before. This tells me that these people went to tour another gym, felt uncomfortable and probably judged by the way they looked and the gym was probably busy with fit people everywhere.

YouFit has very fit people that go. But they don’t cater to those looking to pick up a date or to show off. They really cater to those who are new to fitness and those who want to get shit done without being hit on or stared at. For me, I want to be around people who really need a change. People who are new to fitness so I can give them an experience that is positive and encouraging. I want to teach them gym etiquette so if they do go to another gym or travel, they know the “obvious” worldwide rules of any gym. For example, the dumbbell rack. This is where the dumbbells are kept. Usually in front of a mirror. You grab the dumbbells and walk away from the rack. What you do NOT do is grab the dumbbells and stand right in front of them in the way of others trying to get at the rack as well. For some they just don’t know these things.

What Are My Plans At YouFit?

The Thornton location is a bit different than the Littleton one I worked at before. Littleton had a Group X Classes room where Thornton doesn’t. Thornton does have some space out back they did some camps at though. All of the clubs have a circuit area as well. I know in the past they have tried to get a circuit class going but not to many trainers were excited to be teaching it. One of my goals is to select a couple time slots a couple times a week and ramp that up big time.

I will be starting a 12 week challenge that is called “Game Changer” with a tag line of “You Are Changing Lives by Changing Yours”. I have an app where people will upload pics, weight and body fat once a week. I’ll be creating teams as well in the app so people can team up and encourage each other.

As a group we will meet up 5 times to share success and ask questions. This is a great time where people swap out recipes as well.

What’s required? To be in this challenge you have to agree to work hard and not skip workouts. Missing workouts is only ok if you make them up and prove that you did. You will need to agree to one personal training session per week. That’s the cost of this challenge. One, one on one personal training session with me! You’ll have a workout plan and cardio plan to follow on the days you don’t meet up with me or don’t do a circuit class with me. The nutrition plan I have is a very powerful one. Those that do it see results after the first week! Plus you get to eat what you want 🙂

My overall goal with YouFit is to become a General Manager of a club and to create an environment where everyone feels welcome. Every gym interview I have, they always ask what will I do to create a following. One thing I will share here is that I will get to know every single member that walks in those doors while I’m in the building. Getting to know the members and interacting with them is very powerful. It’s amazing the people you meet and you never know who you will meet in a gym.

Here is a video I did in one of my classes at YouFit. We change things up and build a community 🙂



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