Stomach Vacuuming Challenge Day 24 – Core Progression – Next Challenge

Stomach Vacuuming Challenge Day 24 – Core Progression – Next Challenge

Stomach Vacuuming Challenge Day 24 – Core Progression – Next Challenge


We’re Almost Over With This Challenge

With only have 6 more days left of the stomach vacuuming challenge and really, nothing new to report in with it. Like I mentioned in my last post, it helps focus on your core in every exercise. I will continue to do these with every ab workout I do. i Feel that the marketing people are doing on YouTube saying this one exercise alone can drop inches off your waistline is FALSE! These combined with other exercises and nutrition, yes.

What’s The Next Challenge & When Does It Start?

Our next Fit Busters Challenge will start June 22nd! This is a challenge that I’m really excited about and nervous about at the same time. It’s more like 3 different challenges in one.

  1. Intermittent Fasting
  2. Follow our Macros for our goal
  3. An ab routine that is the best I’ve ever done

What is Intermittent Fasting? – Basically we will go 16 hours without food and 8 hours with food.  You can read all about it on a post I already did when I was thinking about doing this for a challenge. Click Here To Read It! 

Following Your Macros – If you are new to Macros and need help calculating them, you can go to my Facebook page and search for the How To Calculate Your Macros post and Comment on it and I’ll send you the PDF on how to calculate your macros. Click Here For My Facebook Page

Ab Routine – I have an Ab routine that was one of the first ones I did. It was one of the best routines I have ever done and still today I think it’s the best. I did ad a few things to it so it’s a little different.

This next 30 day Fit Buster Challenge will include all three of those above. I will be doing a post on my Facebook Fit Busters page to get a complete guide to follow for this challenge. It will include the fasting, macros,ab routine, resistance training program and a cardio plan. Be sure sure to watch for that post!

Core Progression

Some of you are aware that I have left YouFit and I explained why I left. Another reason that I didn’t share with you was the opportunity I took with Core Progression Elite Personal Training. They are opening a 4th location in Old Town Arvada and I will be the Assistant General Manager and if I prove myself I will be the GM shortly after.

If you have never checked out Core Progression, you should take a look. The trainers are by far the best I’ve ever seen. They have more success stories I have ever seen as well. When I sat down for my first interview they had a portfolio out and I was impressed. I was more impressed that they actually had one out than the hundreds of testimonies.

As of right now the location is not open yet. We will start pre-sales around July 1st and should be open around August 1st. Be sure to watch my Facebook for more updates.


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