Stomach Vacuuming Challenge Day 2 – Already Better!

Stomach Vacuuming Challenge Day 2 – Already Better!

Stomach Vacuuming Challenge Day 2 – Already Better!


Stomach Vacuuming Day 2

I said I wasn’t going to blog about this challenge every day and I intend not to. But today I wanted to write about it because today was so much better than yesterday. Today I was able to hold it in for about 10 seconds each time. But also while placing a hand on the stomach and the low back you really can isolate it and focus even more. But today the ab workout was harder to do and I even took a longer break. We will see how the end of the first week goes.

Keeping Things Straight and NO Fluff!

Just so you all are aware, I am doing resistance training 5 days a week. One muscle group a day with abs every day and 15 minutes of cardio after each resistance training workout. Of course on the weekends I usually take the dogs for a 1 mile walk but that’s it. I wanted to bring that to the table so you all know exactly what I’m doing and don’t think all I’m doing are the stomach vacuuming exercises.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind While Working Out At The Gym

Some of you are avid gym goers and some of you are pretty new to this space. What’s really crazy is that most avid gym goers are the worst with gym etiquette. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  1. The most common, re-rack your damn weights. Leaving them behind is down right rude.
  2. Gym bags. What the heck are you carrying in that big ole bag. Serious dude, you don’t need to carry that much stuff with you every where you go on the floor. It’s a trip hazard so leave the bag in the locker room. If you have bands and what not, go get them as you need them. A few extra steps are not going to kill you. You are at the gym!
  3. Standing in front of the dumbbell racks. This is where 80% of injuries occur in a gym. But those of you who stand a few inches away from the rack and do bicep curls are freaking annoying. How are others supposed to put weights away or grab weights? Oh you didn’t even think about that at all. hmmm. Always grab your dumbbells and walk away from the rack so you give plenty of room for others to get in and out of the rack.
  4. Slamming the weights on a select-rise machine. OMG this is the worst. You’ve all heard this person. They are on a pec deck fly machine and every single rep the let the weights come crashing down. A loud SMACK for every single rep they do. STOP!!!! This is not the correct way to do it and you are damaging the machine. Treat it like you own it!
  5. HEY I WAS USING THAT! Those of you who use like 5 different machines at once, you are getting on peoples nerves. Be considerate of others. If you need that many machines at once and cant allow others to work in, you might want to turn your basement into your own gym. If you are going to super-set, try doing it with 2 machines or do your crazy super-set circuit during low peak times. Even then, allow others to work in with you and don’t be a butt head about it!
  6. Imaginary Lat Syndrome. Dude, put your arms down. You did back a week ago! I’m sure doing back also didn’t make you walk all funny either! I have no clue why guys do this. I can see guys that are MASSIVE, they can’t put down the arms because the lat is in the way. But were not talking about Jay Cutler or Ronnie Coleman here. We’re talking about Joe Shmo. Do us all a favor and put down your arms. This does not impress anyone and makes you look like a tool.


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