Stomach Vacuuming Challenge Day 15 – Butcher Box

Stomach Vacuuming Challenge Day 15 – Butcher Box

Stomach Vacuuming Challenge Day 15 – Butcher Box


Half Way Through The Stomach Vacuuming Challenge

 Here we are two weeks left to go and feeling pretty good. Today we changed things up just a little bit. Still doing the stomach vacuuming exercises but on the abs we decided to add a little weight. Guys you can start of with 5 to 8 pounds. Ladies, I suggest 3 to 8 pounds.

I used an 8 pound dumbbell and I could tell the difference big time. I only changed this up today because the exercises were starting to get a little easier because our tempo started to increase. We were going faster to get them over with because they are starting to get boring. By adding the weight to the ab bench we had to go slow and concentrate otherwise the dumbbell would fall off.

So from now until the end of the challenge we will be adding weight and most likely increasing the poundage as the days go by. For some of you these are still pretty hard to do so adding weight is entirely up to you.

BUTCHER BOX – This Is Pretty Cool!

First things first. If you decide to purchase from Butcher Box, I would love for you to do it from my link. I do get credit for it and it helps support the cause of this website.

What Is Butcher Box?

Butcher Box is a company that wants to make sure the most important part of your barbecue is always as good as it can be. Starting at $129 a month, the subscription box service delivers a package of 7-10 pounds of beef, chicken, pork, and bacon on dry ice straight to your door.

For less than $6 per meal. Your choice of 100% Grass-fed Beef, Free Range Organic Chicken, heritage pork, and Fish. The meats are all individually wrapped making it easy to cook as you need them or for meal prep. I love this!

Butcher Box Kinda Reminds Me Of Town & Country Foods

Over 10 years ago before social media really took off, I used to get meats from Town & Country foods which was located in Centennial Colorado. I’m not even sure if they are open anymore. They pretty much did the same thing except you leased a freezer and or grill along with food for like 3 months. They were very expensive and now with the internet boom, all these small business ideas are popping up with great success due to social media. (well social media has a big part of it).

You’ll notice I have a few different offers for your first order. One is FREE Salmon and the other is FREE Bacon. I myself am a Bacon lover. 🙂 All you have to do to make your first order is click on one of the images and follow the steps. Pretty simple.



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