Shop MKC Fashion Partnership

Shop MKC Fashion Partnership

Shop MKC Fashion Partnership


Are You Serious Kody? Clothing For Woman?

This is kind of funny. This has been the response from men not ladies. My client base is 80% female and 20% male. Not just myself but most trainers in general. But that’s not the reason or reasons for this partnership. Let me go into how this all got started.

Back in 2015 I knew Marisa Kenson. We worked together and what I saw in her vision was something I wanted to be a part of. I knew sooner or later she would add active wear and men’s clothing. Back in 2015 I was seeing a gal who was doing a fitness competition and one of the things required was a fashion gown. So I recommended her to stand out and have a gown that was personally designed by Marissa Kenson. So I reached out to Marissa and she sent out this beautiful blue gown that looked fabulous on her.  Since that moment I knew I wanted to be a part of whatever Marissa was planning.

3 years later I get a message from Marissa. The direction she has gone was not what I was expecting. Brand names that people can get 25% off of and a referral fee for sharing it with others. NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!!! COACH, BEBE, GUCCI, etc,.. never would give you a referral fee for having a friend buy that bag or sunglasses! Until now.

Does Fashion Really Go With Fitness?

Well this is kinda silly to even ask because we all know it does. You lose weight, you need new clothes. You start getting in shape and looking good, most want to show it off so they go look for those new outfits that are just right to show enough arm. You get the idea. 🙂 Not very many Personal Trainers promote fashion. They might promote yoga pants or supplements but fashion, I have not seen to many. But I feel it goes hand and hand.

I’ve had people reach out to me about LULAROE, Makeup, Jewelry, etc,.. LULAROE I’ve heard one to many bad things about and the cost is crazy. Let alone, no name brands. Plus they don’t have Marissa. I think this opportunity is a great fit. Plus now when we do another Little Black Dress Challenge we have our own preferred vendor :).

Is This Another MLM Deal?

Everybody wants freedom. Seriously if you could make enough money part time at home would you still go work your 9 to 5? I know I wouldn’t quit because I love what I do. It’s my passion. But I know I wouldn’t do 10 hours days anymore. What about you?

So to answer the question, no, this is not an mlm deal. You simply can make referral bonuses if someone shops on your store. If it was an mlm the prices would have to be so dang expensive to create a compensation plan. Plus, Marissa wouldn’t have it that way.

The Shop MKC model is simple. Just go buy stuff. 🙂 So many online boutique opportunities will make you buy $1,000’s in inventory and if you don’t sell it, oh well you’re stuck with it. With Shop MKC, just go shop and enjoy your discount. If someone asks you where you got your dress, sunglasses, hand bag, shoes, etc,.. you just tell them or send them my way.

I Want To Know Your Thoughts

For some of you, you might be annoyed by this. For some guys, you might think I’m stupid. Then we have the remaining people who read my blog and my posts. What are your thoughts? My goal is to create a fitness fashion show that is based upon people losing weight and getting fit and sharing the story of how they did it but in front of others showing off that new body in new sexy outfits. Basically a fashion show mixed with a fitness challenge. Here you are not judged by a panel looking at you as a number. You are you, sharing your success story and showing off what your hard work accomplished.

If you are wanting to be a part of the Fitness Fashion Challenge Show shoot me a private message on Facebook here.
And if you don’t want to be a part of the challenge but the ShopMKC has your interest, watch the video below and if you have more questions or want to talk to Marissa, Message me on Facebook and we will make it happen.




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