Rent Your Stuff You Don’t Use Much – Moocherz Neighborhood Property Sharing Site!

Rent Your Stuff You Don’t Use Much – Moocherz Neighborhood Property Sharing Site!

Rent Your Stuff You Don’t Use Much – Moocherz Neighborhood Property Sharing Site!


Can You Really Rent Out Your Stuff and Make A Residual Income?

For starters, this is a Colorado family owned business that started up because of what we saw it could bring to families all over the country. If you could earn an extra $100 to $500 a month or more would that help you? Maybe allow you to take more vacations or help with your student loans or pay for your car payments. Whatever it is, you have items right now in your garage, basement, shed, mom’s house, dad’s house, etc,. that could generate you an income every day, week or month!

Moocherz saw the potential in renting out items we owned that we didn’t really use much. These items were just sitting around collecting dust so we decided to see if others around town could use them. For example, a paddle board. These things are like $500 on up to buy but my partner has one he decided to rent out for $20 a day and hes having no trouble renting it out. So here is an item that he paid for that normally would be a liability and now he has turned it into an asset that is generating him an income.

What Can I Rent Out?

This is the exciting part. You can rent out just about anything. When you are looking around think about items people would rather just rent instead of buying. For example, I just used a temporary fence to keep my dogs off some newly planted grass. That fence I’ll probably never use again or will once every blue moon. Now on the other hand, if someone had one up for rent for $10 a night, that wouldn’t be worth it to me. But if it was a $1 a night and I rented it for 2 weeks then it would.

What about landscaping equipment? When that time comes to fertilize or aerate your lawn, This is something that does not take that much time at all but the tools are the hard part. Rent them and do it yourself!

The items you can rent out are really endless. I’ve seen things like mixers to a friend. Yes you could rent a friend for a day if you wanted to. Kinda like that movie where the guy rents out a best man. So the opportunities are endless.

How Safe Is This?

This is not the only rental site on the internet. But, we are the only rental site for items like this that you pay to rent on the site. Other sites make you meet the person you are renting from and get the payment from them then. Here at Moocherz we gather all the payment info and bill them for you and deposit your earning directly to your bank account.

Let’s Keep It Real

Moocherz is just starting out and at first things will be slow. We don’t have millions of members yet and we know it will take time and money to get the word out. We have decided to run a promotion for this month and its a pretty good one. Register on our site and list two items you want to rent and we will give you a $30 Chick-fil-a gift card. These cards are not emailed out, they are mailed to you.

All you need to do is click here and become a member and list your items!



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