Nootropic Coffee Fitness Challenge Day 18 – Drinking Alcohol

Nootropic Coffee Fitness Challenge Day 18 – Drinking Alcohol

Nootropic Coffee Fitness Challenge Day 18 – Drinking Alcohol


Nootropic Coffee Fitness Challenge Update

We are approaching the end of the challenge and I’m pretty excited. For one I have stuck with it. Two it’s working pretty well and three it’s almost over lol. I really hate doing push-ups every day. Honestly I don’t mind them but man that first set I really dread. But once I get the first set out of the way I’m good to go. The pump I get from them is insane! I know the coffee has a lot to do with it the pump. 

My Numbers 


Set 1 – 60

Set 2 – 40

Set 3 – 16 


Set 1 – 25 Leg Raises

Set 2 – 25 Knee ups on toes

Set 3 – 50 Flutter Kicks

My plateau is hitting again. This time at the 60 rep range. If you look back a few days you’ll see it took me about 4 days to break away from 52. Then it wasn’t long to hit 60. My goal for next week is to hit 70 in set one. 

What’s Changing?  

The push-ups are defiantly getting easier. So are the ab exercises. The motivation to go to the gym is off the charts. It’s to a point where I hate leaving the gym. I’m sure it’s because over the last 22 years I have spent the majority in a gym working then working out in one.  I had a gentleman come up to me the other day I see every morning. He says “It has to feel good to get back at it”. I replied “It’s hard as hell but yeah you’re right it does”. “You have to love those massive pumps you are getting”? So here after he said that I was like okay, I am getting massive pumps. Pretty much since day one being on the nootropic coffee. Then he says “Where else are you working out at”? “You don’t just workout here”? I replied “Nowhere else. Just here”. Oh so you come more than once”? He asked. “No just once a day for now” I answered back. You’re telling me the only workouts you are doing are with that lady you train”? he asked. “yep that’s it” I said. 

Well as you are probably thinking, yes that made my day. Going from a low, very low confidence level and getting the courage to go back to the gym looking the way I did was extremely hard. But days like this can really change the pace. This is another reason why I say to smile and to say hello to people. I’m sure this guy had no clue what his remarks would do to me. But they had a major impact. 

My body. My body is changing also. My stomach is finally starting to calm down. Ha it was out of control. I feared I was going to be that beer belly guy. Not saying that’s a bad thing. Some ladies like men like that. I just don’t like my belly like that. When I have a hard time seeing my feet I know it’s time to take control and stop the nonsense. I know I’m slimming down a lot. My belly used to push out farther than my chest and now that has reversed. Starting to see more definition in the stomach as well. yay!! My chest has also gotten bigger. My measurements last week showed them smaller but holy cow I can tell they have gotten bigger. 

So overall I am very happy I have decided to do this challenge. I’m impressed with my results so far. Most importantly I’m impressed with my motivation for working out. 

Drinking and Exercise – Top 10 List

If you have not been reading all my posts or this is the first blog post you stumbled upon let me explain what the top 10 list is. 

In a previous blog post I mentioned my top 10 list for things you will encounter while on your fitness journey. This is my top 10 list. Yours might be different and another trainers might have a top 5 or 50 who knows. But here they are in no special order:

  1. Mind set
  2. Nutrition
  3. Cardio
  4. Resistance Training
  5. Stretching 
  6. Cooking/Eating Out
  7. Drinking
  8. Clothing/Beauty Care
  9. Loved Ones
  10. Me Time

So far I have touched on Mind Set and now the drinking. Here is a link to a website that goes over what drinking will do to your exercise and health and fitness goals. Some look at drinking as nothing at all and some look at it as probably the hardest thing to give up. If you seriously can’t stop drinking for 30 days you might  want to have a serious talk with yourself. I’m not saying that you have to give up drinking to be fit. You have to have it in moderation. But when you think about it, if you’re thinking in the back of your mind right now that you are NOT giving up your Wine weekends or your Beer thirty time then you have a whole different challenge. You are no longer in CONTROL! The Wine/Beer is in control. Think about it. 

This is pretty common as well. I find that a lot of the same people who say they have to have the wine weekends and the beer thirty time are the same people that skimp on supplements. Hmm that’s pretty funny. I get it though. You have a a few beers or a couple glasses of wine and you feel amazing. Loose and worry free. Then the next day it’s gone. Well, that feeling you get, you can get a very similar one from getting in shape and watching your body change and do things you never thought it could do. But, in order to get to that point you have to get to that point. So you have to start and give it a chance. 

I’m not a very big drinker. But when I’m in the mood I can tie one off that’s for sure. But, knowing how it can slow you down from the main goal you want, that should be a big eye opener. At first it will be hard so you will have to start slow. Cut it down from 6 beers to 4. Then lower the next time and then lower. Give your body a chance. Don’t set it up for failure by sabotaging it every weekend.  


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