Nootropic Coffee Challenge Day 30 – Final Thoughts

Nootropic Coffee Challenge Day 30 – Final Thoughts

Nootropic Coffee Challenge Day 30 – Final Thoughts


Nootropic Coffee Challenge | 100 Push-up & 100 Sit-ups Every Day For 30 Days

It’s finally over. This challenge was my first one to help me get back on track and it seemed like it was never going to end. 30 days is really a short period of time when it’s about fitness but I think these short term goals are going to help a ton.

I don’t really remember the last time I felt this lazy. I mean 2 transformations ago was a difficult one but nothing like this one I’m currently in. Here is my before and after 2 summers ago. This took 6 months. A lot of people when I tell them 6 months they are like “last not long at all”. No it’s not long looking back on it but in the middle of it, it seems like you’re not getting anywhere.

In this before and after photo to the right, I was a mess. Completely let myself go. Pretty much where I’m at today as I write this. Looking back at this In my mind I’m thinking ” how did I let myself go like this? Am I ever going to get that back?” Of course I am it’s just probably going to take a little longer.

Now, these next photos are from last Summer. Well last spring really. My before is in better shape than my previous one. This challenge was for a photo shoot I had planned for May 2nd, 2017. I ate pretty clean but still enjoyed treats. My cardio was a lot heavier for this challenge than the previous. You can tell by the way the body looks.

As you can see in the image above, this challenge was just a little less than 3 months. But I was already in half way decent shape. We’re starting all over again bare bones lol.

How Do I Feel In This Nootropic Coffee Challenge Compared to The Last Challenge?

This is a difficult question to answer and here’s why. If you would have asked me that same question at the same time of the challenge in the last two I would probably would answer them the same way. I currently feel like this goal, obtaining the same after photo above is so far out of reach that Christmas will be here before it! I know that’s not the case I’m just letting you know how I feel. I also feel that back during both of these last two I had more confidence and more motivation. But again, I’m just starting back up 30 days in after surgery and being lazy because I pretty much had to. But I let myself go.

I also look at these pictures and look back even farther then the previous and one thing is standing out. I get more muscle mass and more ripped every time. So that makes me really excited for these next few 30 day challenges.

How Well Did This Challenge Work? Nootropic Coffee | Push-ups | Sit-ups

After watching some YouTube videos of guys and gals doing push-up challenges for 30 days and seeing the after shots I was really impressed and also very curious of how real & true these results really were. Needless to say, I wanted to see if these were real or a bust. Go take a look for yourself. Go to YouTube and type in Push-up challenge. Endless videos of crazy before and after photos.

Before I go into my thoughts about these types of claims my results from this challenge is listed below.

Starting numbers:

Weight – 269lbs

Chest – 49″

Belly – 42″

Arm – 17/34″

Hips – 44″

Thigh – 24 1/2″

Push-ups in one set – 25. Out of the 100 I had to do 27 on my knees

Ending Numbers: 

Weight – 242lbs

Chest – 47.25″

Belly – 38.25″

Arm – 18″

Hips – 42″

Thigh – 24 1/2″

Push-ups in one set – 64 and able to complete the 100 in 2 sets.

The Coffee

I feel this is a great product. It really helped cut my cravings which at the time were VERY bad. The pump I got from it was amazing when I used it for a pre-workout drink. It really seems to help me focus as well. Will I continue to use this coffee? I’m sure I will. I will add it to my daily routine and see how well it does over the next 5 months.

In the image below, the photo on the right was day 1. Now looking at these two side by side, some will say they don’t see much difference. My lighting is horrible and will work on a place for photos on my next challenge. But, looking at the differences it’s clear you can see a lot.

Break up the image in sections. Kinda like if you were going to draw this, I would look at say for example the upper left chest and shoulder area. Clearly you can see separation starting to form and the muscles don’t just smooosh together. The abs are coming in a lot better. Geez I lost 4 inches off the waist alone.

The next 30 days should be pretty interesting.

Final Thoughts About Push-up Challenges

As you can see, my results are not to bad. But we can’t say this is all from push-ups like a lot of the videos claim on YouTube. It’s BS and not the truth. They are skipping something. Not all of the push-up challenges are fake. Some are real. The thing is, in 30 days doing push-ups, you’re not going to get crazy ripped or lose a ton of weight. You’ll need to do a lot more than that. I do think that some amazing results can come from these push-ups. For starters it gets you on track. Body weight movements are always important to do. In fact with all my new clients starting out, one of the first things I tell them is that we will do a lot of body weight movements starting out. No sense in going all nuts in the weight room when you can’t even push your own weight around.

If you are thinking about doing this challenge I do recommend it. If you are new to working out or you are trying to get back at it, this alone will be a great start. If you are already in the gym and you’re stuck, this will help change things up for you. Main thing is take it one day at a time and no matter what, do it every day (unless you get the flu). 🙂



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