Nootropic Coffee Challenge Day 29 – Go Until The End!

Nootropic Coffee Challenge Day 29 – Go Until The End!

Nootropic Coffee Challenge Day 29 – Go Until The End!


Nootropic Coffee Challenge – You’re Almost Finished! Did You Make it?

You have one more day and you are finished with the Nootropic Coffee Challenge! Way to go. Some of you are just doing the push-ups/squats and no coffee and some are doing both. Some people have quit and others are even more fired up for the next challenge. If you happen to be one who quit, don’t beat yourself up over it. Maybe another challenge we do you will be more motivated to stick to the end. Did you know 80% of people who join a gym in January quit after 5 months? That’s insane. So if you think you’re alone, you’re not! Fitness is hard. It all comes down to YOUR reason WHY you started. Re visit your goals and get your act together, we have work to do!


If all the people who purchased gym memberships were truly dedicated to exercising regularly, the clubs would have a real problem trying to squeeze everyone in. That’s actually fine with gym owners, who expect only about 18 percent of people who buy memberships to use them consistently. In fact, to be profitable, they need about 10 times as many members as they can actually fit through their doors.

Knowing this, some feel like it’s a set up from the beginning and some don’t give a damn. I myself, have known this since I started in this industry and it doesn’t bother me a bit. I’m going to be part of that 18% and so should you! If the gym management really wanted you to have success don’t you think you would get a letter in the mail or a friendly phone call after you have not had a check in in 30 days? The month your membership expires or card declines you sure get that phone call right? Or if your paying monthly on Personal training then you will get more regular calls but even then if you stop coming and stop using your sessions but yet continue to pay each month, the gym will not call. THIS IS WHAT NEEDS MORE ATTENTION IN THE GYM SETTING! 

I’m saying all of this to make you stronger. The faster you realize, you are “alone” and you are in charge of your goals, the better. Now when I say “alone” I mean by your goals. Those are your goals and you have to take the lead on them. You can’t follow.

Make Your Challenge Public

If you’re going to start a challenge or start going to the gym making it public on Social Media is pretty common. People love praise and support. Look at all the people posting fitness pics. Heck in today’s world the youngsters day depends on how many “likes, comments and shares the pic they took gets. I’ve heard it so many times just walking around in the gym. It’s a habit from being in the industry. I always listen and watch everything. I hear how guys and girls envy people with more likes. I get this and understand but you have to remember you have to be strong enough without that motivation. If you took away social media and went back to the year 2000, would you fail because you couldn’t post your butt on Instagram or Facebook? 

Having people support you is so important. And some have nothing at all and Social Media is the only support they have. I’m not going to lie. Posting before and afters or progress photos and hearing people motivate you freaking helps. I’m not saying don’t do it, I’m saying that if that’s the ONLY thing that motivates you, you will have a rude awakening. You yourself can motivate you. You are powerful and after you have this in your mind and accept it then all the other posts, and pictures just come along for the ride.

Nootropic Coffee Challenge Update

After taking a week off It was a difficult day. Hard to get the motivation to go to the gym but once I walked in, I was ready to go. The Push-ups were pretty dang hard. You can see below that the 10 sets of 10 are over and since I was sick I missed that. If you followed through with that then this week you should see your rep max increase.

As for the Nootropic Coffee, I like it. I has helped me cut cravings and focus that’s for damn sure. I know my weight is hovering at the 242 mark so I have dropped a lot of weight which is good. I’ll be posting pics tomorrow. Do I feel the coffee is worth it? Yeah I think so. I will be getting off of it for the next challenge though. If I have one I’ll let you all know.

Push -ups

Set 1 – 50

Set 2 – 30

Set 3 – 20


Set 1 – 100 Side bends

As you can see my first set of push-ups is down nearly 30%. But after a week off I expected this. We shall see how we finish out. I’ll be doing this again the push-up challenge again very soon, but we have pull-ups in the near future 🙂

My Tip For This Week

I am seeing a lot of so called “Fitness Professionals” posting on social media about other trainers or professionals. What I’m seeing are posts that make the other guy/girl look stupid or make them look like they don’t know as much as another. What it really is, one trainer saying “If your trainer doesn’t know the answer to this then you should find a new trainer”. A lot of people see posts like this and then question who they are having coach them. I get it I really do but in reality what this is, POOR MARKETING SKILLS and a cry for help!

If you are really good at what you do then you don’t need to worry about other trainers. Yes some trainers are special and have no clue what they are doing and it drives us nuts. But if your trainer is making posts like this, then I would question his/her motivation. Your trainer should focus on you and post about what’s right and what’s wrong. Not give you an ultimatum. So my point here is on your fitness journey if you are posting, remember everyone is watching. If you post something mean and stupid it can affect someone who looks up to you.




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