Nootropic Coffee Challenge – Day 20 & 21 Happy Easter!

Nootropic Coffee Challenge – Day 20 & 21 Happy Easter!

Nootropic Coffee Challenge – Day 20 & 21 Happy Easter!


Life Gets Busy

This weekend is Easter and many of you will be having at least one family lunch or dinner. Some of you will experience two or more. What do you do? Always remember to eat in moderation and to have a full glass of water before these meals. Only have one serving no matter how amazing the food is. I went to my sisters place to have dinner after I had lunch with my Girlfriends family. I also had one of the Nootropic coffees on the way over so that helped cut the cravings. Normally I would have eaten a hell of a lot more. But those in this case have no clue what to do and when they get confused or don’t know they always turn to what they know best. That’s normally just eat whatever and forget about your goals. That’s not the right thing to do!

As you can see, I have redesigned my website. For starters I decided to go with the name Fit Busters because with these 30 day challenges were really finding out what real and whats a bust. Along with a domain change the entire look of the site has changed and will continue to change. Since I plan on doing one on one personal training, boot camps and in home personal training I needed my site to have my packages and programs on display. Keep in mind what you see are not complete. Not EVEN close yet.

The single best way to achieve your goals

We are living in a have-it-all, have-it-now world. Access to anything you desire is literally a key stroke away.

There’s one-click ordering. There’s food delivery in 30 minutes or less. There’s credit available with the swipe of a card.

More so than any time in history, we have forgotten the art of sacrifice.

Can you blame us? Mainstream marketing tells us hundreds of times each day that we should have it all, and that we should have it right now.

The problem with this have-it-all-right-now mindset is that real accomplishments require sacrifice and delayed gratification. And these real accomplishments are where true satisfaction is found.

Think about it for a moment. When was the last time that you felt proud of something that you’ve done? I doubt that it was for the shoe purchase that you just one-click ordered online 🙂 More likely it was for a big project that you tackled at work, or a meal that you cooked for your family, or an 8K (or marathon!) that you finished.

Those proud moments have one thing in common: they all required sacrifice and delayed gratification. You gave up your time, you invested your attention and efforts, you put in the miles.

And then you achieved your goal and experienced that sweet satisfaction.

Learning how to sacrifice and delay gratification, rather than getting something right now, is a skill set. This skill set can grow as you use it more often. Just like a muscle that becomes stronger under resistance, your ability to sacrifice your immediate needs in favor of a larger accomplishment will improve the more you use it.

Sacrifice and delayed gratification are the name of the game when it comes to getting into great shape. Get comfortable with sacrifice and you’ll achieve any goal.

I know that’s not what any of us want to hear. We’d prefer the one-click-to-dream-body button over months of a controlled diet plan and challenging workouts. But by embracing and enhancing your ability to sacrifice you’ll gain traction on all of your big life goals, including getting that dream body.

I’m here to help you achieve your fitness goals. Yes, it’s going to require that you put in hard work and sacrifice, and I’ll be there with you every step of the way. Call or email me today to get started.

Making Sacrifice Easier

Yes, making big changes in your body takes sacrifice and delayed gratification. And, yes, this is hard and is why most people give up and never achieve their goals.

You can make things easier on yourself, and increase your chance of success, by planning ahead to reduce moment-to-moment decisions.

Meal Prep: Preparing your meals ahead of time is one of the best ways that you can make sure to stay on track with your healthy eating. It completely takes away the need to think about what you’re going to eat and ensures that your nutrition will stay on track.

Lay Your Clothes Out: Putting your workout clothes in a neat stack next to your bed before you go to sleep each night makes getting up early to exercise easier. It’s one less thing that you’ll have to do in the morning when your alarm goes off and will make you more likely to follow through with getting up and getting to the gym.

Build in Accountability: You’re not going to feel like working out everyday. That’s a given! So build in accountability. You won’t want to let someone else down by not showing up more than you don’t want to exercise, and you’ll end up making it happen.

I’m here to provide you with the accountability, knowledge and encouragement that you need to meet your goals. Let’s do this together!

Nootropic Coffee Fitness Challenge Update

Push-ups  3/31

Set 1 – 60

Set 2 – 40

Set 3 – 20


Set 1 – 25 Rev Crunches

Set 2 – 25 Leg Raises

Set 3 – 25 Knee ups on toes (total gym)

Set 4 – 25 Crunches

Push-ups 4/1 

Set 1 – 63

Set 2 – 40

Set 3 – 20


Set 1 – 100 Flutter Kicks (too easy)

Overall these last two days went pretty well. Attitude has been better but I’m sure that is because it’s the weekend and no work. I’m getting tired of doing push-ups that’s for sure. But I am seeing a difference. Tomorrow Ill be taking another after shot, doing my measurements and my weigh in. I know my weight has dropped significantly. I’m pretty sure I’m hovering over the 240 mark. Almost 30 pounds!


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