Laser Lipo Fat Removal Day 2 Challenge – Waiting

Laser Lipo Fat Removal Day 2 Challenge – Waiting

Laser Lipo Fat Removal Day 2 Challenge – Waiting


Laser Lipo Challenge Day 2 – Waiting

This whole waiting period for the 72 hours to do the laser treatment again is killing me. For those thinking about doing this treatment I’m telling you this now, this waiting period sucks! It’s like you want to hurry this along so we can see the results and be excited. But also this brings plenty of time to get to work and do some exercise.

So for my workout I did legs for the first time in 6 months or so. Been a little nervous since my leg surgery and my knee issue. Here is what I did:


Set 1 – 12 reps. Not on the assisted


Set 1 – 30 leg raises

Set 2 – 20 Leg Raises

Set 3 – Wt Crunch Machine (150 lbs) 25 reps

Set 4 – ” ” 25 reps


Squat Machine 3 sets of 12

Standing Leg Ext – 3 sets of 12


Seated Calf Raises 3 sets of 20

Dealing With Reality

Dealing with reality sure can be difficult. Every time I look back at my old pics I get disgusted at how I look right now. I totally let myself go and I have nobody to blame but myself. How can you expect your significant other to be attracted to you when they met you in killer shape and not depressed? I blame myself and I’m in the process stage. It’s very difficult but in reality, it is what is and everything happens for a reason. All I know is I will keep going no matter what.

I have seen this a lot in relationships in my fitness career. People change. Sometime they grow together and sometimes they grow a part. Which will it be for you? No matter what, you always need to remember to do what makes you happy. That’s probably the hardest thing for people to do.

Are These Results Real?


This looks like the same person due to the tattoo and the belly button dimples. Same type of laser treatments and only 3. So Im curious to what else was done or if this was only laser treatments and not a serious diet.

I can see this happening with Laser Lipo but also along with some strict meal planning. And if this person was following the guidelines this result happened in less than two weeks!


A lot of claims out and about. This is exactly why we have this as a Fit Buster Challenge!

Not only am I doing it, I do have a client that is putting it to the test on her thighs. You’ll have my results and hers as well.


Ending On This Note

Believe in yourself!

What you believe dictates what you can do. Don’t say you can’t do something. Don’t resign yourself to failure before you even start to try to change. You CAN improve in any area of life at any age. Get Started Today! I believe in you!

And Spend more time focusing on your confidence…

With me by your side, you’re finally going to get results!

That’s why you must…

“Believe in yourself. You’re capable of more than you think. You have more within you than you give yourself credit for” – Robert McDonald

That’s The Truth!

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