Laser Lipo Fat Removal Challenge – The Calm Before The Storm

Laser Lipo Fat Removal Challenge – The Calm Before The Storm

Laser Lipo Fat Removal Challenge – The Calm Before The Storm


Laser Lipo Fat Removal – Does It Really Work or Is It A Fitness Bust?

The Fit Busters New Challenge has many people pretty excited. Honestly I’m pretty damn excited myself. Laser Lipo is showing a lot of promises for something that could cost around $1500 on average. Before we take a look at some of these promising before and after photos, lets take a look at how it works.


Stomach • Thighs • Buttocks • Hips • Male Chest • Back • Arms


After a single 20 minute Laser Lipo session, patients typically see instant fat reduction. Most patients describe the laser treatment as a warm feeling with no pain, bruising or down-time. Recommended number of sessions may vary based on body type, weight, and target fat-loss goals to achieve maximum results.

A double-blind clinical study followed Laser Lipo subjects vs. placebo subjects over the course of 8 treatments. The average loss of treated subjects recorded was 3.7 inches at the level of one single measurement.

Laser Lipo is a laser lipolysis procedure in which paddles are placed against the skin, and a cold red laser beam is emitted through the skin and into the fatty layer underneath. After the laser hits the fatty tissue beneath the skin, it induces the creation of pores and the intracellular content is released and removed by the body’s own lymphatic system. Surrounding tissues such as blood vessels, nerves and skin cells are unaffected by the procedure.


  • Lose inches around each treatment site of the body.
  • Shown to tighten skin, rather than leaving skin loose around the treated area.
  • Also shown to help diminish stretch marks.
  • Often results in healthier, smoother looking skin.
  • See instant results after each session.

They are saying it’s best to exercise either during treatment or shortly after treatment. What I’m seeing as a common answer among these Laser Lipo competitors is to exercise after treatment within a 4 hour window. Let’s dive into some of the before and after photos.


These are pretty damn impressive! I don’t know about you but if you have been working out and eating right and were stuck, needing a boost this looks like the ticket. What about fitness competitors? They are always looking for the edge. I mean, it’s nothing new. Most use steroids and whatever they can get a hold of to have a competitive edge on the competition. Look at Spray tans. I know it’s gaining in popularity and in fact it’s another challenge a reader suggested for me to do. But these athletes pay extra if it’s going to give them a better edge.

By looking at these before and after Laser Lipo treatment photos it has to have your curiosity spiked. I know mine is. Looks look into what we really need to do for these treatments.

Pre-Treatment For Laser Lipo

  • No eating for two hours prior to treatment.  A small amount of liquids (water, coffee, etc.) is ok. No cream, sugar, or fruit juices please.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.  Also wear tight fitting underwear (panties, brief type), this is usually best for laser paddle placement.
  • No lotions or moisturizers near the area that you wish to be treated.
  • Be prepared to exercise within the next twelve hours to help the lymphatic system remove the free fatty acid cells from the body.
  • NO ALCOHOL 24 hours before, and 48 hours after each session. Alcohol slows down the body’s ability to filter out and expel the fatty acids from the fat cells.

Let’s Dive Into The Pre-Treatment 

They say no more that one treatment every 3 days so basically 2 times a week. Looks like a basic fast 2 hours prior not a big deal. Don’t have any lotions on. Be ready to exercise afterwards. Okay not a big deal. No alcohol.. This is pretty interesting. No alcohol 24 hours prior or 48 hours after. So if you are going to be doing the treatments like me, you have another challenge at hand…. NO DRINKING FOR 30 DAYS!!! For me that’s easy, but for some it’s like pulling teeth.

If you are a big drinker or a heavy weekend drinker I would tell you to quit drinking for one month and maintain everything else the same. So if you workout, hike, paddle board, etc,. keep doing all of that but stop drinking. Take before and after photos and measurements. WHY? Well, if you already drink regularly and quit, chances are you’re going to drop weight and lose some inches anyway. Then you can go into the laser lipo treatments and see what they do. We want the results to be real and reflect what the laser lipo will do for you.

Those that don’t drink much or at all you’re good to go. Some of the weight loss programs are so misleading and they drive me nuts. Like some workout DVDs will say they get you ripped if you follow the program and when you look at the meal planning, 9 times out of 10 it’s a “Well Duh”. Meaning anyone who follows the meal planning would lose weight. Most of the times they mention these types of things in fine print.


  • Drink plenty of water, this helps the body clear out the expelled contents of the fat cells.
  • Exercise within 4-6 hours after the treatment. This increases the body’s circulation, and will also help expel the contents of the broken down fat cells.
  • Avoid foods that are high in fat and/or sugar following each session. This will improve results.
  • NO ALCOHOL 24 hours before, and 48 hours after each session. Alcohol slows down the body’s ability to filter out and expel the fatty acids from the fat cells.

Let’s Dive Into Post-Treatment 

Most of this was covered in the Pre-Treatment. But it suggests to drink plenty of water and avoid foods that are high in fat and sugar following each session. Okay this will be difficult for me just because I like fat and sugar lol. But seriously is it for the day, 48 hours what? After researching they say best results you should get on a meal planning program to lose fat. Makes sense but again we would lose weight/fat if we cut out alcohol, sugar and fat anyway! So what the freek?

What I’m Going To Do With Laser Lipo?

We know what it is, how it works and we know the pre and post treatments. So what the heck am I going to do? Since I don’t drink that wont be an issue for me. The sugar will be my challenge. My plan is to do this the lazy way. I will get my treatments done in the morning before my early morning workouts. The day of and the day after I will keep my sugar content on the down low. Also white carbs. Of course I’ll hydrate as well.

Tracking The Laser Lipo Challenge

Every session I’ll do a video. In the video it won’t go much into detail about the style of laser but what I am feeling. I will post my measurements once a week along with photos. No other supplements will be takin during this laser lipo challenge except for maybe pre-workout and coffee. The only way to really track if this works or not is to do it alone. Down the road I will most likely combo it up with a strict diet or fat burner or HGH (Human Growth Hormone – legal of course).

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