Laser Lipo Fat Removal Challenge Day 24 – 8 Inches Lost So Far!

Laser Lipo Fat Removal Challenge Day 24 – 8 Inches Lost So Far!

Laser Lipo Fat Removal Challenge Day 24 – 8 Inches Lost So Far!


Is This Really Worth It? Hell Yeah I Think So!

Honestly I have not been following this the way I should be. My diet has NOT been on target what so ever and I drank twice. One drink the 1st time and 3 the other. I started at about 47.25″ waist. Now I was not sucking it in and not bloating it out. I was just relaxed. Today my measurement relaxed was 39.25″. A total of 8″ lost!! My weight was 243 and I’m still at that weight but I know my body fat has dropped. The after photos will be the real proof!

I still have a few more treatments to go. 3 to be exact. So after those three I’ll take measurements again and photos so we will see how much has changed. Today I just decided to measure for the heck of it. I was pretty shocked I lost that many inches.

I also have not been doing to much cardio. Before I was walking like 12 miles a day on average but that all stopped well before this challenge. Again, my diet has not been anywhere near on target.

What Would Be A Good Price For Laser Lipo Treatments?

Now that I have seen what it has done for me, (waiting to see my clients results on her legs) I am pretty excited. So excited that I will be offering laser treatments for my clients. But what should it cost? I think some people losing 8 inches in a mid section would be worth a lot in less than a month. But, I wouldn’t be able to charge that. I do think it’s worth the price of a personal training session though. So, what I will be offering Laser Lipo Treatments where I come to you for $50 per session. So $400 for 8 treatments. 8 Treatments is what’s recommended. Single sessions without pre-paying for a package will be $65.

What Could Happen If You Were Dialed In?

If I could get these kind of results from the Laser Lipo Treatments with a horrible diet but on a regular fitness routine, Imagine what results you could get if you were serious and dialed in! What about fitness competitors who are 4 weeks out looking to get rid of that remaining fat? I know diet and exercise when dialed in and followed to a T get results. And in a little extra help that is harmless and you have an edge!

Who is laser Lipo Treatments For?

I’m pretty sure some fitness professionals will cause some stink about this and say how its not natural and how it’s cheating. But yet those same fitness professionals will use illegal drugs to compete but then say they don’t. This is a way to help people get a jump start. You need to have a plan in place because if you don’t what you lost will come right back and you then wasted your $400!

So who is Laser Lipo for? 

Mom’s trying to get rid of that baby fat – If you are a mom that is dealing with that stubborn baby fat around the mid section then this is for you!

Those who have that layer of fat that will not go away – Now I’m not saying this will take it all away, it will for sure help you get it done a hell of a lot easier. If you plug in a diet that is doable long term, add the laser treatments then you are good to go!

Those who need a jump start to help get going – For some people, they just need a jump start to get motivated. For some just joining a gym will do it. For others a weight loss supplement will do the trick. Here we have another solution. While doing the treatments you’ll be learning fitness tips and dieting tips as well. Win win!

Fitness Competitors looking to get as lean as possible – We all know how competitive you all are. Here you have a solution to add right onto your extreme fitness and diet planning.

People who are a bit intimidated to go into a gym – This is a sad statement but a true one. So many people are nervous to go to a gym when they are out of shape. Why? Geez just take a look on social media and you’ll see videos and pics of people being made fun of. I hate this but, we have a solution. Get started on Laser treatments and not only will you start to lose inches, I’ll be coaching you along the way building up for your next adventure in joining and choosing the right gym.

Those who have stretch marks – Now the Laser Treatments are known to help diminish stretch marks. It will NOT remove them entirely! For stretch marks I STRONGLY recommend using the laser but also having a resistance training program in place and being consistent on it!

If you have trouble areas like the back of your arms, triple chin, etc,.. – In fitness you can’t spot reduce. You can’t control where you lose weight and fat. For everyone its different. Now with Laser Lipo Treatments spot reduction is possible. Like me I focused on my entire mid section around the low back as well. For some is the thighs or arms. No matter what area, the Laser Treatments can help reduce the fat in that area.

What Do You Need To Do?

If Laser Lipo Treatments are an interest to you, then we will need to schedule a phone consultation first and go over what you need to do for the best results. You will still need to have a fitness program in place and a nutrition plan in order. Even though my nutrition plan was horrible I still worked out 5 or 6 times a day focusing on 1 body part a day for resistance training, walked at least 10 minutes and did 3 to 5 minutes of abs 5 to 6 days a week.  Now If I would have dialed in my nutrition my results would be even more impressive.

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