Laser Lipo Fat Removal Challenge Day 1 – Here We Go!

Laser Lipo Fat Removal Challenge Day 1 – Here We Go!

Laser Lipo Fat Removal Challenge Day 1 – Here We Go!


My First Laser Lipo Treatment

Well it’s day one and I didn’t lose my fat little belly yet. lol One treatment down and ready for the next one. First I will list out my measurements and go into what I went through with this Laser Treatment.

Measurements – April 11, 2018 

Waist – 47.25″

Weight – 243lbs

Before photos for Laser Lipo Challenge


What I have noticed is a lot of clinics are measuring people after each session. I’m not obsessed so I wont measure but once a week. Honestly I feel that if you measure yourself after each treatment then you have the possibility of letting that one measurement determine your attitude for the day. Just like when scale-a-holics get on the the scale every day. It makes or breaks that entire day! Seriously not needed.

A couple other things to take note of for this challenge. I will be doing 100 ab exercises each day, plus 1 set to failure of pull-ups. So the last 30 days we did the same for abs and had Push-ups. So I don’t think keeping those while doing the laser is really going to change the laser results much. 100 crunches is really not that much and we all know doing crunches is not going to get rid of the belly fat alone!

My Workout


20 reps at 60 lbs on the assisted machine


Set 1 – Leg raises 25

Set 2 – Leg raises 25

Set 3 – all 6 exercises on the total core machine then back to exercise 1 – 10 reps each

The total gym cor machine has 6 exercise for core listed on the machine. I did 10 of each and then went back up to number one. Only doing the 6th exercise for 1 set of 10.


Tricep Push Downs 4 sets of 10

Tricep Push Downs  4 sets of 10 ( with the rope)

Tricep Rope kick backs 3 sets of 10


For cardio I warmed up on a treadmill walking for about 8 minutes. At the end of the workout I walked about a half mile.

What Was It Like?

The Laser itself is a pretty simple looking machine. You simply have a comfortable belt that goes around your area and the lasers are placed underneath. The Laser treatment was very relaxing. The warmth from it felt great and didn’t feel uncomfortable one bit. Very relaxing. The 20 minutes went by very quickly. I can see how this wont be an issue to fit in my schedule.

Laser Lipo Costs?

Each treatment varies in price from one Company to the next. Average is $125 per treatment and on GroupON you can get 6 for $300. If it works I still don’t think it’s worth $125 a treatment. But for some that might be reasonably priced. I like $50 a treatment better :).



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