I Want To Lose Weight But I Have No Clue Where To Start!

I Want To Lose Weight But I Have No Clue Where To Start!

I Want To Lose Weight But I Have No Clue Where To Start!


Need To Lose Weight? Want To Get in Shape? Where Should You Start?

I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and I have not only done this for myself but for hundreds of others. During this time I have taken note of what I feel is the most important steps to take to lose weight and to get back in shape.

These are in no specific order.

Mindset. When I say mindset a lot of people don’t really understand what I mean. So here it goes. In order to make this work, in fact anything in life you have to have the proper mindset. The best way to figure this out in fitness is WHY? WHY do you want to lose weight? Is it because the Doctor said you had to? A wedding? You were teased growing up? You can’t fit into any clothes? You just got divorced or single? WHY? Now I can tell you from experience those losing weight for a special event, 80% of them bounce back to the way they were prior to that decision. That’s not a real why. Same goes for a wedding. If you didn’t make fitness a part of your life before you got married, chances of you making a part of your life afterwards is pretty slim.

Figure out your WHY and write it down. Within time it will become a habit and then a part of your daily routine and a part of your life. You’ll get to a point where if you don’t workout you’ll be grumpy.

Support. Nowadays support is a little easier then it was before social media. But even with social media it’s still important. If you don’t have a shoulder to lean on, this will be hard. You will encounter bad days and good days. Days where you’ll want to just give up and then days where you feel on top of the world. But if you have no support from your loved ones, friends, co workers, etc, then you will have a battle to deal with. For some they thrive off this type of support. Others will quit.

So if you live with someone let them know what you are doing so if they eat like crap they will be more cautious of it in front of you. If you have a significant other, get them on board if you can. Negative energy will try to sabotage you and this crap is hard enough without it.

Seek Advice From A Professional. Hire a personal trainer. Having a personal trainer will increase your success rate by a long shot. Get a plan made and follow it. By hiring a good trainer, they will include you in activities outside of the gym and keep you motivated. If you can’t afford a personal trainer, look at the cost for just one session every couple weeks or for online training. If this really matters to you then you’ll put away money for it. People make time for what’s important to them.

Group Classes. Some gyms have some pretty good instructors and the group environment is pretty motivating for some. I recommend at least trying one or two classes and going at least once a week. Some classes guys just don’t like because they are to girly. I say that because I’ve had numerous members come up to me and say they love my classes because they are not to girly.

Then you have people who won’t even go to a gym until they get in shape because they are so embarrassed. If the people who worked in the gyms were nicer and more approachable this wouldn’t be a big reason people wouldn’t go. It goes for members as well. So many people that go to the gym are stuck on themselves that they glare at others for just being in the gym. The picture below I took yesterday off of Facebook. This is complete trash and why I have always wanted to run a club of my own again. They more positive energy you have the better off you will be. Why am I telling you all of this? To be upfront. To wan you so you are ready. To have you smile at others and screw the fact they might be rude. The more smiles and good energy that is in a gym the more successful EVERYONE will be. You never know, that one smile could change that persons life or that “hello how are you”.

A Gym Membership. Now this is not something you HAVE to have in order to get in shape. I have seen a lot of people do P90X from home and get in killer shape. I myself, can’t workout at home. I have to separate it and I like the energy in most gyms. For me, when I walk into a gym I can feel the energy. Depending on what gym. I went into Crunch Fitness in Centennial Colorado about a month ago and was not feeling it at all. But for you, it might be totally different. Find your home away from home and make your plan.




Resistance Training. So many ladies think if you lift weights you will get all bulky and start looking like a man. This is not the case unless you are using steroids. For starters, you will lose body fat. As your lean muscle increases so does your resting metabolism, and you burn more calories all day long. Generally speaking, for each pound of muscle you gain, you burn 35 to 50 more calories each day. With the right resistance training program you can build a beautiful body but then also prevent many diseases and will improve your attitude and fight depression.

So lady’s don’t worry, you’re not going to look like a man because you started to lift weights. 🙂

Supplements. Some trainers are totally against supplements and some are all for it. I’m all for them. Supplements are exactly what they say they are, supplements. They are to supplement what you can’t get in food. Certain supplements are for certain goals. So it depends on what you are after. I recommend a few that I think are pretty important.

These are the supplements I take on a regular basis. I do try others for a Fit Buster 30 Day Challenge.

  • Multi Vitamin – You want to make sure you get a high quality multi. A lot of garbage for sale on the web so be careful.
  • EFA’s – These are a must have. Your essential fatty acids help with so many different things.
  • Post Workout Shake – If you click on this link you’ll see the POST WORKOUT STACK. This is what I have after every workout!
  • Meal Replacement Shake – An MRS is what has helped me stay on track to my goals. When I’m really trying to lean down having one or two of these a day to sub out a snack or meal works amazing.
  • CLA – One of the best weight loss ingredients of all time. Helps reduce body fat and maintain calorie-burning lean muscle, supporting a lean, toned body.
  • Appetite Control Formula – I get cravings just like anyone else. Probably more so cause I love sweets. An appetite control formula I think is well worth it. Some trainers will say if you cant do it on your own then you’ll never make it. I agree to a point. This helps you get to those goals and you can control it.

Workout Partner. – Some like going to the gym alone and others need that partner. When you find someone who has the same goals as you and is motivating, it makes going to the gym or the workout a lot easier. But if you have a partner that is always late or cancels all the time, chances are, you’ll start to follow in those same foot steps. So figure it out. Do you need a partner? I myself like to workout alone. Sometimes I like to have a partner but I like the time alone so I can think and let my A.D.D. wonder around like it does. I do like working out with my clients. I like to teach them how to be a partner. That means how to spot and motivate.

Keep Notes, Progress Photos & Measurements – This is so important. If you keep track of what and how many of what you do then you can always go back and see what went right or wrong. Keeping track of your weight and measurements and photos is also important. I recommend taking photos every month along with measurements. Your weight should be checked once a week nothing more. To many people are addicted to the scale. It will make or break your day. Do it once a week!!!

Do a video as well. This is what I have been doing a lot lately. Once a month do a video about your past month success. You have all your notes so you can go back and read them but also just tell yourself in the video what went on the past month. Good and bad. What you will see, each video will be different. You will start to carry yourself different and you will see it in a way I can’t explain. Sounds odd but it’s amazing!


Need Advice?

If you are looking for a personal trainer or a fitness program please reach out. I’m happy to help you get going on the right foot.




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