HGH Gel Challenge Day 8 – Start of 2nd Cycle

HGH Gel Challenge Day 8 – Start of 2nd Cycle

HGH Gel Challenge Day 8 – Start of 2nd Cycle


It’s Hard Not To Think Negative

Seeing all these people get amazing results off this hgh gel, you would think it would be hard to think negative about it. I am on the start of day 2 on my 2nd cycle. What I notice the most, I sleep a lot more. I can’t get up at 3:30 am because I’m to damn tired. I have been getting up at that time for a while now and I’m sure my body needs the rest. 6.5 hours or less is my average. So I’m sure my body is telling me I need more.

Here is what I did in the Gym the last 2 days.


Set 1 – 55 lbs 20 reps -> set 1 – 50 lbs 20 reps

Set 2 – 55 lbs 20 reps -> set 2 – 50 lbs 29 reps


Rev Crunch on floor & Reg crunch -> Leg Raises – 2 sets of 25

20 reps of each alternating – > 2 sets of 25 V-ups

Resistance Training

Biceps -> Legs


This Is Where I Can See People Giving Up Or Pushing Through

When you pay $160 for a product you want it to work. If you don’t see or feel something changing you you give up and bad mouth whatever it was you bought. Here is where a lot of people would just give up and walk away. This is why I feel you need to commit to 30 days with just about any goal. Now you can’t have a 30 day goal to retire but with what we are doing it works perfect. Long enough to create a habit and short enough to stay on track.

I have high hopes for this hgh gel. I have seen a lot of people extremely happy with it and I’m looking forward to seeing the results in 30 days and beyond. Like I have mentioned before, I will continue this hgh gel challenge for about 6 months. That puts us in the middle of October. If the results are not OUTSTANDING then we have a major BUSTED Challenge. But again after these 30 days we should see what we have in store for us.


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