HGH Gel Challenge Day 19 – Been Out For 3 Days

HGH Gel Challenge Day 19 – Been Out For 3 Days

HGH Gel Challenge Day 19 – Been Out For 3 Days


HGH Is On Back Order and Have Been Out For 3 Days

Here we are on Day 19 with the HGH Gel and Laser Challenge and day 2 with the 12 week BioTrust Challenge. If the HGH Gel does not come in soon then we will have to start this one over. So far what I am seeing is better sleep, maybe a little better focus and a hint more of energy. I am seeing that people older than me are getting faster results which makes sense.

Workouts – What’s Next?

My workouts have been getting better. I’m getting stronger and the pull-ups are getting a lot easier. I’m working on a great arm workout for everyone to do as well. That will be done today and will be sent out to those who subscribe to my video email updates here – SUBSCRIBE TO VIDEO UPDATES

I am starting my boot camps here really soon. They will be at the Bridge to nowhere and Clement park Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Saturday’s. Mon – 6 pm, Wed – 6 pm & Sat – 9 am weather permitting. Unless its freezing cold, snowing badly or raining badly we will have boot camp. This Wednesday May 2nd I will be out on the bridge putting some things together. If you are going to come it’s not a full blown boot camp, it will be me figuring out the area and what we are capable of doing with our surroundings.

Parking – When we have boot camp at the bridge you will want to park on the North West corner of Wadsworth and Bowles by the bank. You can’t park by the old sports authority due to the construction.

What’s New In My Life?

I am no longer employed by the jerk I was working for. Huge stress relief. I am working under an amazing Pastry Chef downtown Denver 1 or 2 days a week and love it. It’s like going to school but getting paid for it. 🙂

I have also decided to start my own business. Some of you who have known me longer than 4 years know that I had a pretty successful WiFi Marketing Business back in 2014-2015 and got screwed by my partner and was unable to get back into the field due to his actions. After speaking with the creator of the platform 3 years later I have been granted access again! This is VERY exciting news!

My business name is WiFi Adexchange. I’ll need help getting it off the ground with referrals so I am creating a way to reward people for helping me out. We all know starting a business is hard and most fail within 2 years. I’ll need all the help I can get 🙂 .

Fitness Tip

3 Essential Snacking Tips

A big part of eating for fat loss is keeping your metabolism going all day long with small, sensible meals and snacks. In theory, this is simple and easy: eat a little something every 2-3 hours throughout the day.

Unfortunately very few people do it right, resulting in frustrating weight gain.

The content of your snacks and small meals is of utmost importance. If you’re eating the wrong thing every 2-3 hours then it’s easy to gain weight quickly, rather than what you want, which is to drop fat and clothes sizes.

Let’s jump into the 3 Essential Snacking Tips that I have for you today to keep you on track and burning fat all day long…

Snacking Tip #1: Watch out for added sugar.

Sugar is the biggest problem when it comes to fattening snacks, and so this needs to be the number one nutrient that you check. Your frequent snacks should contain very little, or zero, added sugars.

This is a pet peeve that I have: many ‘health’ foods have massive amounts of added sugars, which will destroy your results. Items like protein bars, jerky, dried fruit, green juice, and trail mix often have added sugars and preservatives that you need to watch out for and avoid.

Your snacks should have little to zero added sugars, and should be a nice blend of protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates.

Snacking Tip #2: Check the serving size.

When your snack comes in a package, after you make sure that it isn’t filled with sugar, check the serving size. It’s a popular technique for food manufacturers to give the nutritional facts for 2 or even 2.5 servings, on an item that you will likely polish off the entire package.

If the servings are more than just one then you’ll need to do some quick math. Calculate the total calories, sugar, carbs, fat and protein. Make sure that the numbers line up with your target nutrition sums.

Always be aware of how many servings you are eating in a single sitting. Do the math if you’re eating more than one serving – be honest with yourself!

Snacking Tip #3: Homemade and made-in-nature are best. 

As convenient as packaged health snacks are, you will always see better results by eating whole foods found in nature, or snacks that you’ve made at home with real food ingredients. Even the healthiest packaged protein bar from the store is going to contain preservatives and additives that are completely avoided in homemade foods.

A handful of raw nuts, a piece of fruit with fresh nut butter, a hard boiled egg, a homemade fitness muffin (recipe below), some chicken breast on veggies or chopped flank steak on a salad are all better options than any packaged snack.

When possible, stick with whole foods found in nature and snacks and meals that you make at home.

Are you participating in a consistent, challenging exercise program? If not then give me a call or shoot me an email today. Let’s get you started on the best exercise program that you’ll ever try!

Beware Of The Packaging

No GMO! Organic! Grain-Free! Paleo! Vegan! Preservative Free!

Guess what? Nothing that you read on the front of a food package really matters. Those hyped up bullet points, strategically placed there to sell you, are only saying what you want to hear.

What really matters is the ingredient list and the nutrition label. Pay attention to these, and ignore the bold claims on the front of the package, meant to distract you. Keep your focus on what matters, and reap the reward in pounds and inches lost, and in confidence gained!



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