HGH Gel Challenge Day 15 – Two Weeks In!

HGH Gel Challenge Day 15 – Two Weeks In!

HGH Gel Challenge Day 15 – Two Weeks In!


Two Weeks In and I’m Impressed

At first I was very skeptical. We are always looking for a way to get results faster and easier. Sad fact, it’s never easy! So get that out of your head. It is possible to get results faster though. Certain supplements will get you results faster than not taking anything at all. Some supplements are just straight up garbage. I have heard so many members at gyms say they get protein and supplements from COSTCO. Not all the supplements COSTCO sells are horrible you guys. I’ve heard so many trainers tell clients to never buy ANY supplements from COSTCO. That’s just nonsense. But I will say most of the protein is crap. Not all of it, but most. Take your time and read the labels and see what the hell is in that product before you slam it down every day.

Is The HGH Gel Working?

I’m going to be real with you. This transformation I’m in the process of has been the hardest one of all. I mean the motivation comes and goes about as fast as my dog Isis eats her food (2 minutes). My diet has been nowhere near what it needs to be. So if at the end of the 30 days I actually see results then we will know the Laser Lipo and the HGH Gel work. But, right now I know the HGH is working. My energy in the middle of the day is finally getting better. Before it was just done for. Tons of energy in the morning and then a BIG OLE CRASH! This week not so much. I can tell my body fat is dropping and my recover time is a lot better. Like I have said in other posts, we will see in 30 days.

What Am I Going To Do To Get back On Track?

Here I am all freaking out and its only been 6 weeks. Most people quit at this time. The results I have gotten so far are pretty good but not to my standards. Back in 2016 I used a killer program that was a 5 day nutrition cycle that got instant results. When I say instant, I mean instant. After that first cycle on average clients would drop 3-5 pounds! The beauty of this is you actually get a cheat day every 5 days. Not a cheat meal, a cheat day. Here is the outline;

Day 1 – Cheat Day

Day 2 – Fast Day

Day 3 – Shake Day

Day 4 –¬†Moderate Carb Day

Day 5 –¬†Protein-Only Depletion Day


This program is simple but not easy. Your fast days, well every day rotates so your fast days never fall on the same day every week. after a few weeks it does but what I’m getting at is the fast days take a lot of self control. Summer is here and you’ll be at a BBQ on your fast day or camping. That’s not easy! But, if you follow it your success is mind blowing. Every week you’ll be shocked at what it does.

Now some of you have done this with me before but I have changed it a little bit. Many of you had a hard time calculating the nutrition and what not so I have decided to put together a boot camp around this program. So a one time payment (monthly available as well) will cover it all. I’m thinking a 6 to 8 week camp will do the trick for many. As I get everything together I’ll keep you updated.


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