HGH Gel Challenge Day 14 – Why You Have Not Heard From Me

HGH Gel Challenge Day 14 – Why You Have Not Heard From Me

HGH Gel Challenge Day 14 – Why You Have Not Heard From Me


HGH Gel Challenge – What’s Going On?

So it’s been nearly 4 days since I have given you an HGH Gel Challenge update and some of you thought I stopped. That’s not the case. I have decided to keep the challenge updates coming every 3 to 4 days instead of every day. Not much to really write about every day about the HGH or even the Laser Lipo. I have decided to take this extra time and put it into writing about workouts, recipes, tips, etc,.. If you click on the blog tab you’ll see new posts.

What’s New With Fit Busters?

I am constantly brain storming for ideas and joint ventures to help us all out. I found a supplement company here locally in Golden Colorado that has pretty damn good reviews. It’s called BioTrust. They are extremely clean products and they have given all my Fit Busters followers a pretty cool offer. $100 worth of products for free just pay for the shipping.


When a supplement company does this kind of offer they normally have a high attrition rate. This means a lot of people like the products and keep ordering. So I have decided to add this line and do a 30 day challenge with it as well.

HGH Gel Update – Feeling More Confident About This Product

The first week being on the hgh gel I was a bit nervous. I was always tired and sleeping a lot. Now that I am on the start of my 3rd cycle (5 days on 2 days off) I’m feeling pretty good. A few things I’m noticing are;

  • Better sleep at night
  • Faster recovery time in the gym
  • More focused – I started doing my Leather Craft again
  • The last two days I’ve had more energy in the afternoon

Some of the results I have seen others post after 1 month of being on the product are pretty crazy. Like a whole new life. I’m being real and not stretching the truth here at all. I know that hgh takes a while to really start to work and for people to see results. It’s more so of how you feel when you DON’T take it.

Do I recommend using this HGH Gel from New U Life? 

Yes. Yes I do recommend it. But, be prepared to be on it for 6 months and longer before seeing AMAZING Results. We still have over 2 weeks left in this challenge and I feel the results are going to be pretty great. But the reason I say 6 months is because everyone is different and I would be prepared for buying 6 or more bottles of this hgh. Most likely this will be something you continue for the rest of your life like you brush your teeth.

What’s The Deal With Boot Camps?

I am still working on the boot camps. Now that the weather is getting better we will most likely have our first camp May 2nd at 6 pm. I’m not really expecting very many people. I’m really just going to do a camp on my own to get familiar to the outdoors again. I will start marketing pretty heavy once I have a set date.

I will have a referral program in place as well. Basically, you will have the option to get your camp for free 🙂 Be sure to watch Facebook for more details. You can follow me here. 


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