Building Your Triceps – Some Trainers Are Simply Clueless

Building Your Triceps – Some Trainers Are Simply Clueless

Building Your Triceps – Some Trainers Are Simply Clueless


Triceps Are Said To Be 2/3 of Your Arm

You read that correctly. Triceps are said to be about 2/3 of your arm. Now your Long Head is about 2/3 of your Tricep. So 2/3 times 2/3 is 4/9, almost half of the size of your arm is going to be responsible to the development  of the long head of the triceps.

Below is a screen shot I took of a supplement site that claims to have experts working with them and they wrote an article about working the Long Head of the Tricep. Nowhere in this article does it talk about how to perform the CORRECT exercises and why. In fact the list of exercises is really just overall Tricep exercises.

Looking at these exercises, the ones I would suggest NOT to do for the Long Head are, close grip bench, dips, cable pull-down extensions and pushdowns. Overhead extension are questionable because of what you use. I would not use a dumbbell. Use a plate because it allows your elbows to be properly place for more range of motion.

Here are a few exercises that work great to build the Long Head of the Tricep. First exercises I will share will get you in a greater stretch position.

The Rope Push Away – Allows the arm to start in the long gated position. We know we are stretching the Long Head of the Tricep.

The Plate Extension – When holding a dumbbell you have to internally rotate your arms in order to hold that dumbbell behind your head. You can easily do it with a plate.

Dumbbell Lying Tricep Extension – This is one of my favorites. You want to make sure your arm stays back behind your body. So you arms are NOT at a 90 degree angle!

Body Weight Tricep Extension – This is another one of my favorites.

Most trainers will stop with those exercises. When hitting the long head it allows the arm to be pulled back behind the arm. When doing exercises like this you need to lower the weight and get that full extension.

Tricep Dumbbell Kickback – Leaning forward seated down. Pull back and hold. Elbows have to stay back and can’t drift forward. 

Body Weight Bench Dip – First things first. DO NOT grip the bench with fingers forward like in the picture. You want to rotate them out. Fingers forward will internally rotate your shoulders turning this into a shoulder shredder. By having your fingers facing out you get an open chest and shoulders rotated out and now you get the benefit of having the upper arm behind the body to allow for a complete contraction of the Triceps.

I have a few others like the Cobra Push-up and the rowing Tricep push-down. For those that would like to know how to do these please feel free to contact me or subscribe to our video email updates. If you’re looking for a personal trainer or a program written out for you, I can help with that as well.

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