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Want your kids to eat healthy?

Our kids are eating too much junk. And who can blame them? Junk food tastes great. The good news is that healthy food also tastes great. Here are simple ways to help your kids eat healthier: 1) Choose Whole Foods Processed foods are the biggest problem with our modern diet. Packaged and refined food products […]

Fit Buster Booty Builder

Set your “Count Down” timer for 30 minutes. You will complete at many reps as you can in 30 minutes. You MUST complete the TOTAL amount of reps of each exercise before moving onto the next. 100 Squats 75 alt. Lateral Lunges (total) 50 Walking Lunges 25 Jump Squats

Rent Your Stuff You Don’t Use Much – Moocherz Neighborhood Property Sharing Site!

Can You Really Rent Out Your Stuff and Make A Residual Income? For starters, this is a Colorado family owned business that started up because of what we saw it could bring to families all over the country. If you could earn an extra $100 to $500 a month or more would that help you? […]

Stomach Vacuuming Challenge Day 24 – Core Progression – Next Challenge

We’re Almost Over With This Challenge With only have 6 more days left of the stomach vacuuming challenge and really, nothing new to report in with it. Like I mentioned in my last post, it helps focus on your core in every exercise. I will continue to do these with every ab workout I do. […]

Sprinters Delight

Some people hate running and I’m one of them. But damn, sprinters have the best legs. Cyclist come in a close second. Below are two similar workouts. If you hate to run, do the sprinter! 🙂 You need to get over your fears and you need to work on things you skip. you can do […]

Stomach Vacuuming Challenge Day 20 – YouFit Update

Feeling Good and Seeing A Difference I know it’s not just the stomach vacuuming that’s making me look and feel better. At first people said these are a waste of time and do nothing. Some said they will drop inches off your waist line. It’s really hard to track exactly how much you are losing […]

Feeling Bloated? What Can You Do To Prevent It?

Here is a topic most don’t really like to talk about but as you start to get more in tune with your body you will notice this. Some days you’ll look at your stomach and be happy and then another day you”ll be all bloated and pissed that your stomach looks like crap. Here are […]

Stomach Vacuuming Challenge Day 15 – Butcher Box

Half Way Through The Stomach Vacuuming Challenge  Here we are two weeks left to go and feeling pretty good. Today we changed things up just a little bit. Still doing the stomach vacuuming exercises but on the abs we decided to add a little weight. Guys you can start of with 5 to 8 pounds. […]

Flax Meal Protein Cakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes? Here’s a recipe that you can enjoy guilt free. These pancakes are packed with protein and contain omega-3 fatty acid from the flax meal. Omega-3 fatty acids are not manufactured naturally in your body, and thus must come from your diet as they are essential for growth and development. Servings: 2 Here’s […]

Stomach Vacuuming Challenge Day 12 – Seems To Be Working

12 Days In And I Feel Like I See Difference and Feel A Difference I know doing just stomach vacuuming exercises is not going to be enough. Those who say that’s all they do to lose inches off the waistline are full of crap. We all know we need to Eat right and exercise. If […]