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Over 20 years ago I got started in the fitness industry not knowing what I was really up against. I was a skinny little guy that weighed about 150 pounds and was extremely nervous to join a gym. After being picked on and teased all the time, my main goal was to get very fit and show those who made fun and picked on me a thing or two.
My intentions were all wrong. As I started to gain weight at about the age of 21 and helping people achieve the goals they were after, things started to change. I started to see and feel that I was making a difference. So, instead of proving something to the kids who picked on me, my goals changed to helping as many people as possible do things that they thought were impossible for them. Show them that they can get in shape. To show them that they can train like an athlete and have a body like an athlete no matter what age or what the current situation was. 

I have had multiple certifications during my career in the fitness industry and for me, what’s really important, is the fact that the trainer or coach you work with knows what they are doing and have proof to back it. The trainer can have all the Certifications under the sun, but if they suck at motivating people or don’t practice what they preach, then the client is in for one heck of a ride. 

My goal for my clients is simple. For starters, I won’t tell you to do something that I have not done or do. I practice what I preach and take my own fitness goals very serious. Second, I want to teach you confidence. In order to do that we have to get over your fears. We have to teach you the correct form on every movement. Confidence to me is key to long term fitness success. If you’re not confident then this is only going to last a short period. Next, I want to show you that it is possible. I want to show you what your body is capable of. Once we do this, hold on tight because now it gets extremely exciting. 

My goal as your trainer & fitness coach is to build a large network of confident fitness Kodyaks. Teach you, support you and guide you to where you want to go and have you spread that confidence to others.